Foo Fighters Live

Lion And Fox Studio (Scream)

1987 • Washington, D.C., United States

Tracks Recorded

  1. Hit Me
  2. No More Censorship
  3. Fucked Without A Kiss
  4. No Escape
  5. Building Dreams
  6. Take It From The Top
  7. Something In My Head
  8. It's The Time
  9. Binge
  10. Run To The Sun
  11. In The Beginning

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Band Members

  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl

    Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

  2. Franz Stahl
    Franz Stahl


  3. Robert Lee Davidson
    Robert Lee Davidson


  4. Pete Stahl
    Pete Stahl

    Vocals, Piano, Tambourine

  5. Skeeter Thompson
    Skeeter Thompson

    Bass Guitar

Additional Musicians

  1. Dr. Dread
    Dr. Dread

    Backing Vocals

  2. Eric Lagdameo
    Eric Lagdameo


  3. Joey Pea
    Joey Pea

    Backing Vocals

  4. Amy Pickering
    Amy Pickering

    Backing Vocals

  5. Don Zientara
    Don Zientara

    Backing Vocals


Producer: Dr Dread Engineer: Jim Fox Producer: Joey Pea Producers: Scream

Session Information

Around a year after Dave Grohl had recorded his first LP with Dain Bramage he stumbled upon the chance of a lifetime whilst buying new drum sticks at a Rolls Music store in Falls Church, Virginia. 'Scream looking for a drummer, call Franz' was the message he saw written on a flyer hanging up in the store.

Scream were, as Grohl described "Legendary in D.C. They had been a band since 1979 or '80 and I had seen them many a time. Their first two records were among my all-time favorites, so this little flyer was more than just that". Grohl's initial idea was to call Franz (Stahl), jam with the band once or twice then tell all his friends "I got to play with Scream!". He called Franz a few times and eventually got an answer, Grohl explaining to him how he was a huge fan, the bands he had played in and that he would love to "give it a shot".

When Stahl asked for his age Grohl lied, telling him he was 20 when he was actually 17, in the hope it would increase his chances. After the initial phone call some months passed by without Franz calling back and so anxious for an answer he took the initiative and called again. "This time I convinced him to give me an hour or two of his time and scheduled my audition" Grohl recalled.

He headed to the audition and surprised the band when they began playing. Franz asked if he wanted to play some Black Sabbath Or Led Zeppelin songs but Grohl had other ideas. "Seeing as how Scream records were among those I used to play drums to on my bed when I was first learning, I knew all their songs by heart. I even had an advance copy of their latest demo" he recalled. So instead he rattled off several Scream songs he wished to run through with the band and later described the practice session as "heaven for me, to be able to play Scream songs with the real deal."

The band were impressed and after a few more practice sessions it dawned on Grohl they might actually ask him to join the band. "This was something that never entered my mind, the possibility of actually joining Scream." he recalled. This left him with a dilemma. "I had to really weigh the options: 1. Leave my two greatest friends in the dust and travel the world with one of my favorite bands ever. Or 2. Stick with Dain Bramage and hope it all works out."

Initially Dave called Franz and turned him down, explaining the predicament he was in and apologized. However he then had a change of heart. "I think he understood and invited me to their next show a few weeks later. It was one of the greatest Scream shows I'd ever seen. I changed my mind".

Shortly after Dave joined Scream the band left Dischord, the label they had made their three previous albums with and were signed up by RAS Records, a reggae label trying to expand into the rock market. In 1987 they were, as Dave recalls "thrown into a fancy 24 track studio with a reggae producer to make No More Censorship, Scream's fourth LP".

The main creative force in Scream were the Stahl brothers, Franz and Pete, but Grohl had impressed them with his creativity and writing skills and this led to him being more involved in the process than any of his previous bands. He played drums on each song but he also helped with the arrangement on the track 'Fucked Without A Kiss' and is given sole credit for writing all of the music to the closing track on the album, 'In The Beginning'. It may have only been around 45 seconds of music but a sign of the future nonetheless. Grohl also contributed backing vocals to all tracks, marking the first time his vocals would be featured on a commercial musical release.

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Available Sources

Soundboard Audio #1

No More Censorship (CD)
RAS CD 4001 40:26 min

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