Foo Fighters Live

EastWest Studios

Dec - Apr 2016 - 2017 • Hollywood, CA, United States

Tracks Recorded

  1. Run
  2. La Dee Da
  3. T-Shirt
  4. Concrete and Gold
  5. Sunday Rain
  6. Arrows
  7. Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)
  8. The Line
  9. Dirty Water
  10. Make It Right
  11. Soldier
  12. The Sky Is A Neighborhood

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Band Members

  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl

    Guitar, Vocals

  2. Nate Mendel
    Nate Mendel

    Bass Guitar

  3. Taylor Hawkins
    Taylor Hawkins


  4. Chris Shiflett
    Chris Shiflett


  5. Pat Smear
    Pat Smear


  6. Rami Jaffee
    Rami Jaffee

    Keyboards, Piano

Additional Musicians

  1. Jessy Greene
    Jessy Greene


  2. Justin Timberlake
    Justin Timberlake

    Backing Vocals

  3. Shawn Stockman
    Shawn Stockman

    Backing Vocals

  4. Inara George
    Inara George

    Backing Vocals

  5. Alison Mosshart
    Alison Mosshart

    Backing Vocals

  6. Dave Koz
    Dave Koz


  7. Paul McCartney
    Paul McCartney


  8. Taylor Greenwood
    Taylor Greenwood

    Backing Vocals

  9. Kinga Bacik
    Kinga Bacik


  10. Thomas Lea
    Thomas Lea


  11. Ginny Luke
    Ginny Luke


  12. Greg Kurstin
    Greg Kurstin


  13. Rachel Grace
    Rachel Grace



Burg, Julian (engineer)
Rajabnik, Samon (engineer)
Dekora, Brendan (engineer)
Sexton, Chaz (engineer)
Pasco, Alex (engineer)
Thorp, Darrell (engineer)
Kurstin, Greg (producer)

Session Information

Recording session for the 9th studio album 'Concrete And Gold'. Recording is believed to have taken place in March and early April 2017. More details to follow.

Session Photos

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Available Sources

Soundboard Audio #1

Concrete And Gold (CD)
48:16 min

Featured Tracks

Soundboard Audio #2

7 Inches For Planned Parenthood (FLAC)
None 5:10 min

Mixed by unknown

Featured Tracks

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