Foo Fighters Live

Rancho De La Luna (earthlings?)

March 1998 • Joshua Tree, CA, United States

Tracks Recorded

  1. Nothing
  2. Saving Up For My Spaceship / Illuminate
  3. Reaper (Don't Fear That Child)
  4. Cavalry
  5. Happiest Day of My Life
  6. Conversing Among Misfits
  7. Mars On Fire
  8. Stungun
  9. The Dreaded Lovelies
  10. Icy Halls Of Sobriety (I Dare Not Tread)
  11. Triumphant March Of The Buffoons
  12. Rock Dove

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  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl

    Drums on ‘Rock Dove’, Backing Vocals and Guitar on ‘The Dreaded Lovelies’

  2. Pete Stahl
    Pete Stahl


  3. Fred Drake
    Fred Drake

    Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Bass

  4. Dave Catching
    Dave Catching

    Guitar, Bass Guitar

  5. Scott Reeder
    Scott Reeder

    Bass on ‘Stungun’

  6. Adam Maples
    Adam Maples

    Drums on ‘Reaper’, ‘Cavalry’ and ‘Stungun’

  7. Billy Bizeau
    Billy Bizeau

    Keyboards on ‘Conversing Among Misfits’

  8. Martina Topley-Bird
    Martina Topley-Bird

    Vocals on ‘Conversing Among Misfits’

  9. Dave Linn
    Dave Linn

    Drums on ‘The Dreaded Lovelies’

  10. Victoria Williams
    Victoria Williams

    Vocals on ‘The Dreaded Lovelies’

Session Information

After his first visit in early 1997, Dave Grohl was invited back to Rancho a year later to hang out with owners Dave Catching and Fred Drake. Whilst there he would also contribute to their band earthlings?, along with former Scream bandmate Pete Stahl. He would add backing vocals and a guitar track to the song ‘The Dreaded Lovelies’ which appeared on their eponymous debut album as well as drums on ‘Rock Dove’, which would be on their second album ‘Human Beans’.

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Official CD [earthlings? - Human Beans]
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