Foo Fighters Live

WGNS Studios (Dave Grohl)

1998 • Washington, D.C., United States

Tracks Recorded

  1. Everlongacoustic

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Band Members

  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl

    Acoustic Guitar, Vocals


Amek TAC Matchless 36 Channel Recording Console
Tascam MS-16 1-Inch 16-track tape recorder


Engineer, Recording: Geoff Turner

Session Information

On March 18th 1998 Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins appeared on the Howard Stern radio show in New York to take part in a interview with Stern. Towards the end of the hour long interview Grohl picked up his acoustic guitar and when asked what he was going to perform suggested 'For All The Cows', a song he'd previously played acoustically on a few occasions.

Stern, seemingly unimpressed with the choice then asked what he was "really going to do" and suggested he perform a 'hit' instead. A member of Stern's production team suggested 'Everlong' and Stern agreed on the suggestion. Grohl noted that he'd "never had to do it acoustic" and that it was the first time doing so before performing the song.

This new rendition of the song became hugely popular amongst fans sharing recordings of the radio performance and very quickly other radio stations became aware of it, wanting a copy to air. Realising this popularity Grohl headed to WGNS Studios in Washington, D.C, to record a studio quality version of the new rendition. It's currently unknown exactly when this was except it being at some point after the Stern performance and before the WGNS Studios closed in 1999.

The track was quickly sent to radio stations for airplay purposes however it was not featured on a commercial Foo Fighters release at the time, despite further live performances of the new rendition of the song. In 2000 part of the recording featured in the background of a scene in the Adam Sandler comedy movie 'Little Nicky' and in March of that year during another radio appearance Grohl told a caller to the show they would put the track out officially 'soon'. Despite that it wasn't until the 2009 Greatest Hits album that the song was finally officially released by the band, the final track on the compilation album.

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