Foo Fighters Live

Pachyderm Recording Studio (Dave Grohl)

Feb 12 - 26 1993 • Canon Falls, MN, United States

Tracks Recorded

  1. Untitled Pachyderm Jaminstrumental - take 1
  2. Marigoldinstrumental - take 2
  3. Marigoldtake 3
  4. Marigold

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Band Members

  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl

    Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals

Additional Musicians

  1. Krist Novoselic
    Krist Novoselic

    Bass Guitar on 'Marigold'

Session Information

In February 1993 Nirvana booked into the Pachyderm Recording Studio in Canon Falls, Minnesota to record the follow up to their hit album Nevermind. Most of the material recorded during the session was either Cobain penned Nirvana material or group efforts for the band but like the secret Brazilian recording session at the start of the year Grohl recorded some of his own compositions during the session.

The first track recorded was simply titled 'Dave Solo' and is described as "A quick minute and a half of heavy metal-style riffing, along the same lines as the cover of' Onwards Into Countless Battles' Grohl had recorded at the Rio session, perhaps intended as a warm-up" by Gillian G Gaar. This track was instrumental and featured Grohl on all instruments.

The second track recorded was a song he had written in 1990 whilst living with Cobain and also released on the 'Late! - Pocketwatch' cassette - 'Color Pictures Of A Marigold'. During this session it was initially simply labelled as "Dave's Mellow Song". Unlike the earlier version recorded in 1990 which featured Grohl on all instruments and vocals, bass was taken on this session by Krist Novoselic, with Grohl just playing drums and guitar.

Kurt Cobain however did not feature on the recording. Three versions were recorded in all, two instrumental and a third that Grohl added vocals to. All three were around 30 seconds shorter than the version on 'Pocketwatch' and featured much improved production with Novoselic's recognisable bass being prominent in the mix rather than the jangly acoustic guitar of the earlier version. The sound of a chair scraping on the floor is also a clear feature of the song at the start along with some other ambient noises.

The final version with vocals was not included on the In Utero album itself but was released as a B-Side to the first single from it, 'Heart-Shaped Box'. This marked the first (and only) time a Nirvana track was released not written by or featuring front man Cobain. The title of the song was also shortened to 'Marigold' upon release.

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Available Sources

Soundboard Audio #1a

In Utero - Deluxe Edition (Download)
2:34 min

2013 Remaster by Steve Rook, original 1993 mix

Featured Tracks

Soundboard Audio #1b

2:34 min

Mixed in 1993, includes pre-song ambient noises not present on other sources

Featured Tracks

Soundboard Audio #2

Unknown > FLAC [96khz / 24-Bit]

Unauthorized amateur mix. Marigold [Take 2] is mixed without guitar

Featured Tracks

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