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Unknown (Auto Environment)

1997 • , United States

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Information on this recording session is extremely limited. The only public acknowledgement of it taking place comes from an interview Grohl gave to British Magazine NME in December 1997. In the interview he described a project he had named 'Auto Environment'. "Me and some friends recorded this 45-minute jam with synthesizers and real drums that's funky, kind of... It's good for driving" he told the magazine, revealing only very vague information on what was recorded at this session.

He did not mention who the friends he recorded the jam with were but he did explain in a little more detail what he was planning to do with the recording. "What we're talking about doing is making this limited-edition CD called 'Auto Environment'. And you can only have it if you're a touring band. You can't buy it - you have to apply for it. In applying for 'Auto Environment', you will have to give your itinerary. We have to approve of your tour. And then you get 'Auto Environment' - the best driving music in the world" he explained.

"What we might do is, you send in the itinerary, and we'll record the song around the route of your tour. So, say your tour starts in Scandinavia. Well! It's very cold and dark in Scandinavia. But by the end of the tour, you're down in Spain and Italy - some summer beach music", he added. Grohl ended what seemed like an impromptu sales pitch by declaring "'Auto Environment', man, '98. That's a fucking tip!", suggesting he planned to release the music that year.

It's not clear how serious Grohl was with the idea but it never materialised and he nor anyone else has ever spoken of the project or the jam recorded ever again. It therefore remains a mystery what exactly was recorded and who the "friends" were that he recorded it with.

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