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The Foo Fighters Live Video Guide is a comprehensive guide to every single DVD/AVCHD and Blu-Ray disc currently circulating within the community, from 1995 up until the present day.

The guide contains detailed information about each DVD, AVCHD and Blu-Ray such as length, bitrate and size along with an in depth review of the disc. Screenshots of each video are also provided for reference. It's an essential resource for any fans who want to collect as many Foo Fighters vidoes in their best format as possible. Any artwork available is also provided for download.

Reading And Understanding The Guide

The guide is easy to navigate and the entry of each show is easy to understand. At the top of each entry is the date and details of the location for the performance. Just below that on the left is the setlist for the show, if it is known. If there are any notes regarding a song on the setlist there will be a small (i) icon to the right which you can hover over to see the note for that song.

On the right hand side of the page first of all any photos for the performance are displayed. Up to x photos are displayed on the main entry, any further photos can be accessed by clicking the [view all] link. Next any notes about the performance are displayed followed by a list of any other performers at the event, in a alphabetical order.

Finally in there are are any recordings of the show they will be detailed in a table at the end of the entry. For each recording the source name and number will be listed first followed by the equipment used to recording the source, it's length and finally the sound quality. To find out more information about the various acronyms used in the recordings section please see this thread in our forum.

Last Updated:

August 9th 2014