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Hey, Johnny Park!

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The Colour and the Shape

Dave Grohl
Nate Mendel
Pat Smear

Writing Period

c. 1996

Known Recording Sessions

Oct 26 - 31 1996 - Laundry Room Studio
Nov 18 - Dec 1996 - Bear Creek Studios
Jan - Feb 1997 - Grandmaster Recorders

Song Timing


Come and I'll take you under
This beautiful bruises colors
Everything fades in time, it's true

Wish that I had another
Stab at the under cover
Was it a change in mind for you?

It's impossible
I can't let it out
You'll never know
Am I selling you out?
Sit and watch
Your every mood

Your eyes still remind me of
Angels that hover above
Eyes that can change from blind to blue

Live Performances

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