Foo Fighters Live



Dave Grohl
Nate Mendel
Taylor Hawkins
Franz Stahl

Writing Period

ca 1998

Known Recording Sessions

Spring 1998 - Sound City Studios

There's a place I love to go
And strangers takin' me there
Dreamed about the day I learned to fly
I'm afraid of airplanes
Even though I like the way
It feels to be a person in the sky

It's alright
And it's good
This time

I look out and on the ground
Really don't believe it
Gravity can pull me from this height
One day, we'll come crashing down
What will I do
Never had a chance to say goodbye

Close my eyes and hope that it's a
Real smooth flight, this time
Close my eyes and hope that it's a
Real smooth flight
And it's good
This time

Live Performances

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