Foo Fighters Live

Conway Recording Studios (Un-named)

Jul 15 2001 • Hollywood, CA, United States

Tracks Recorded

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Band Members

  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl

  2. Taylor Hawkins
    Taylor Hawkins

  3. Krist Novoselic
    Krist Novoselic

  4. Josh Homme
    Josh Homme

  5. Jim Keltner
    Jim Keltner

    Drums, Percussion

  6. Donita Sparks
    Donita Sparks

  7. Matt Sweeney
    Matt Sweeney

Session Information

Details on this session first came to light in August of 2001 with Rolling Stone magazine reporting that Grohl and Hawkins had been joined by Queens Of The Stone Age front man Josh Homme, session drummer Jim Keltner, L7 singer Donita Sparks and Grohl's former Nirvana band mate Krist Novoselic at an LA studio for a 'jam' session. The magazine reported that tracks had been laid down but with no plans to release them.

Nothing more was said of the session until 2011 when Grohl was interviewed in Edge Magazine by Angels And Airwaves drummer Atom Willard. Whilst discussing their favourite drummers Grohl revealed how the session came about. " There was one day in a studio in L.A. about 8 or 9 years ago, we had a big room at Conway to ourselves for the day and we thought, let's run tape and invite a bunch of our friends over" he recalled.

As well as the musicians mentioned by Rolling Stone Grohl revealed that Matt Sweeney, guitarist for several bands including Chavez and Zwan was also present at the session. He then went on to describe the experience working with prolific session drummer Jim Keltner. "I called up Keltner and said, 'Hey man come down, we're gonna mess around and roll tape'. He's a legend you know, his meter, his vibe, he's a real vibe player you know. So he comes out, sits down behind a drum set, and does everything sideways, and backwards. And as we're jamming, I look over and he's got a stick and a shaker in one hand, and a brush and a frying pan in the other and he's playing the snare with his foot or whatever" Grohl recalled enthusiastically. "It was fucking crazy what he was doing, but it had this sound. And I watched it and I thought, THAT is messed up! And then I listened to it, and I thought, 'THAT is genius!' he added.

Based on the original report from Rolling Stone and the bands heavy schedule at the time it's believed the session took place in either June or July 2001 but no further details of the session were revealed by Grohl and whatever the media dubbed 'Supergroup' recorded remains unknown and unreleased.

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