Foo Fighters Live

Inner Ear Studio (Scream)

Dec 17 - 19 1989 • Washington, D.C., United States

Tracks Recorded

  1. Caffeine Dream
  2. Sunmaker
  3. Mardi Gras
  4. Land Torn Down
  5. Gods Look Down
  6. Crackman
  7. Gas
  8. Dying Days
  9. Poppa Says
  10. Rain

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Band Members

  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl

    Drums, Vocals on "Gods Look Down"

  2. Franz Stahl
    Franz Stahl

    Guitar & Backing Vocals

  3. Pete Stahl
    Pete Stahl


  4. Skeeter Thompson
    Skeeter Thompson

    Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals


Producer & Mixing: Eli Janney Mixing: Franz Stahl Producer & Mixing: Pete Stahl Producer: Joey Picuri

Session Information

Scream went back into the studio in December 1989 to record material for what would turn out to be their fifth and final album. Recording took place at the Inner Ear Studios in Dave Grohl's hometown of Arlington, Virginia. With Grohl becoming more confident in himself and his writing he took a further giant leap during this session, getting the band to record one of his own songs.

'Gods Look Down' is a song he had recorded just months earlier by himself with Barrett Jones at his Laundry Room Studio but now he had shown the song to his Scream band mates and liking what they heard, recorded the song together. Rather than passing vocal duties entirely to lead singer Pete Stahl, Grohl remained on lead vocals for the first part of the song, Stahl on the second half. This would mark first time Grohl had sung lead vocals on a track in a band, albeit only half of the song.

The tracks were recorded over the three days onto a Fostex-B16 1/2 Inch 16 Track tape machine and mixed down to a Tascam 2-track. Once recording for the album was complete the band headed back out on tour but after playing their final European shows in the spring of 1990 things began to go pear shaped for them. They played 23 shows in 24 days which Grohl described as "a real ballbuster" and upon returning home from the tour found an eviction notice was posted in Pete and Skeeter's mailbox.

They decided the only logical thing to do was get back on the road and booked what would become their final tour. They played various shows in the United States through summer 1990 but were blighted by problems. "Plagued with cancellations and low attendance, it was apparent that something had to give." Grohl recalled of the situation. "That something would be our bassist Skeeter." he continued. "Upon waking up in Franz's sister's house in L.A. halfway through the tour and discovering that Skeeter was gone, we realized some heavy decisions had to be made. Suckers for punishment that we were, we decided to stay in L.A. and search for a new bassist."

A new bassist was not found and Dave Grohl soon left to join Nirvana. Without both Grohl and Thompson Scream realised they had few options left and officially disbanded in the summer of 1990 without having the opportunity to release the music recorded during this session.

In 1993 members of the band got back together and returned to the Inner Ear Studios between January 8th - 13th and also on February 7th of that year. It's not clear which band members were present at these sessions (It's highly unlikely Grohl was present since he was busy with Nirvana about to embark on a South American tour) or whether any new recordings took place but they did at least mix and master what had been recorded in 1989.

The session was eventually released later that year as the LP 'Fumble' on Dischord Records. A 12" LP was pressed which included all ten of the tracks recorded and a compilation CD was also released which featured the songs from earlier Scream album 'Banging The Drum' and tracks from this session although for some unknown reason the track 'Crackman' was not included.

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Available Sources

Soundboard Audio #1a

Fumble (12" Vinyl)
DIS83V min

Mixed in January 1993

Featured Tracks

Soundboard Audio #1b

Fumble (CD)
DIS82CD 38:56 min

Mixed in January 1993

Featured Tracks

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