Foo Fighters Live

Studio 606

Dec 1999 • Alexandria, VA, United States

Tracks Recorded

  1. Fraternity
  2. MIA
  3. Jet
  4. Baby Hold On
  5. Lonely Boy
  6. Invisible Sun
  7. Untitled #1 (December 1999)instrumental
  8. Untitled #2 (December 1999)instrumental

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Band Members

  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl

    Guitar, Vocals

  2. Nate Mendel
    Nate Mendel

    Bass Guitar

  3. Taylor Hawkins
    Taylor Hawkins


  4. Chris Shiflett
    Chris Shiflett



Producer: Adam Kasper
Engineer: Curtis Mathewson

Session Information

In late December of 1999 the band had a few weeks off from touring and decided to spend some time at Studio 606 to work on some new ideas, re-work some older songs and also record some cover songs. This was also an opportunity for new guitarist Chris Shiflett to work with the band in a studio for the first time, having joined three months previous and only played a handful of live shows since.

Adam Kasper remained in the role of producer and engineer for the first week or so of the session and the band began by recording some cover songs. In March of 2000 Dave Grohl appeared on the Rockline radio show and amongst other topics he discussed the songs recorded during this session, prompted by a question from a fan calling into the show. Grohl told the caller that they "went in [to Studio 606] to record B-Sides to singles", noting that on every single they release they usually put out a few songs that are previously unreleased as B-Sides.

He then went on to discuss the covers recorded at this session, first of all revealing they had recorded the Eddie Money track 'Baby Hold On', enthusing "oh my god it's so good, it turned out so great" to the caller and host Bob Coburn. "Then we did a cover of this song called 'Lonely Boy'" he continued, declaring it "one of the greatest songs ever", adding that the track had also "turned out great".

As well as those covers mentioned by Grohl it's also believed a Paul McCartney cover was recorded during this session. In early 2000 various media outlets reported that several artists including Squeeze, Barenaked Ladies and Sloan had recorded tracks for a tribute album to McCartney. The report stated that Foo Fighters had recorded 'Jet', the McCartney and Wings track from their 1974 album 'Band On The Run' and that the album was likely due out that fall.

That release did not come to fruition and the album to date has not been released. It's currently unknown why it wasn't released and it's therefore also unconfirmed if the band fully recorded the cover or if the album was scrapped before they could do so.

In the final week of the session Kasper left the studio and in his place as engineer was Curtis Mathewson. Mathewson was a friend of drummer Hawkins and had unsuccessfully tried out for the open Foo Fighters guitarist position. After helping Hawkins with some of his demos in California he was invited to engineer the rest of this session.

The first track the band worked on with Mathewson was a new version of 'Fraternity', a song they first recorded during the recording session for 'There Is Nothing Left To Lose' six months earlier. The track was re-recorded in full at this session and despite a promotional CD for the song released in early 2000 claiming this version would be released on the then upcoming 'Generator' single the version actually released on that disc was in fact the same version featured on the Australian version of the album in 1999.

It is therefore believed the band did initially plan to release this new version but it was then decided instead to re-use the earlier version. The version recorded during this session therefore remains unreleased.

Another track first recorded during the July 1999 recording session, MIA, was worked on for a second time at this session. The band intended to re-work the song and release it as a single, although this never came to fruition. Drums and rhythm guitar were initially recorded for the track followed by Nate adding his bass.

Grohl attempted to record vocals one evening however he had had too much to drink during a dinner party BBQ that evening to get a good, complete recording. The next day Shiflett recorded some guitar overdubs but the new version of the song was never finished and subsequently not released.

In the March 2000 Rockline interview as well as mentioning the cover tracks Grohl also revealed that the band had recorded two new original songs at the session, describing the experience recording with Shiflett for the first time. "He was reading my mind the whole time, he and I come up with very similar ideas for guitar parts" he said of the chemistry between he and Shiflett.

Engineer Mathewson noted that both of the new "experimental" songs were recorded as instrumentals and described the first as a "Slow, Zep-esque open tuning ballad", sounding similar to ..... from Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti, the CD of which was sitting on the recording console throughout the session. The second track he described as "a mid tempo droney [Rolling] Stones feel" that repeated the same riff before "a Sonic Youth like explosion" at the end, running "seven minutes long or so".

Both songs were untitled at the time according to Mathewson and he believes neither were used or released in later years, both therefore remaining unreleased.

Despite Grohl stating in the Rockline interview that the cover songs recorded earlier in the session were specifically for upcoming B-Sides to singles none of them were ever used in such a manner and they all remain unreleased, as with the re-worked Foo Fighters tracks.

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