Foo Fighters Live

Robert Lang Studio

Jan 24 - 26 1996 • Seattle, WA, United States

Tracks Recorded

  1. Down in the Park
  2. Enough Space
  3. Butterflies
  4. I'm Alone Again
  5. My Hero

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Band Members

  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl

    Guitar, Vocals

  2. Nate Mendel
    Nate Mendel

    Bass Guitar

  3. Pat Smear
    Pat Smear


  4. William Goldsmith
    William Goldsmith



Engineer & Producer: Barrett Jones

Session Information

Foo Fighters toured extensively throughout 1995 and during occasional downtime or at sound checks the band would come up with ideas for new songs in an effort to create new material to rejuvenate the short set. After a brief Asian and Australasian tour in January 1996 they took advantage of a few free days and booked themselves into a studio to work on the new songs. This would also be the first time the four of them would play together in a studio so it was important to see how well they gelled together in that environment.

They booked three days at the Robert Lang Studios in Seattle between January 24th and 26th, 1996, a studio Grohl had now become very familiar with.

The first song recorded was titled 'Enough Space', a track the band had first played live in September of 1995, Grohl having decided the band needed an upbeat, hi-tempo opener for their sets. "There were only a couple of songs that we had that were really good openers, I thought 'god I need to write an opening song for us'" he recalled. In a later interview he noted that the song was written about the motion picture 'Arizona Dream', one of his favourite films.

The next track recorded was 'Butterflies'. This was not a new track but one of Grohl's older compositions, first recorded as far back as 1992. He had also recorded it during the recording session for the first album and despite not releasing it the track was played by the band at several live shows in 1995. The version recorded during this session was unsurprisingly near identical to the October 1994 solo version.

Next was another new track, 'I'm Alone Again'. It's not known where this song originated, whether it was an older Grohl composition, a song written recently during touring or even put together during this session itself. The track had never been documented at any other session previous to this and was also never recorded again.

Another song born in live sound checks was recorded next, 'My Hero'. It had first featured in their live set as early as July 20th 1995 and although the track was fairly formed musically, most of the lyrics were mumbled or heavily repeated by Dave with no real verses to speak of. By the time of this session Grohl had worked on the lyrics and structurally it had also moved up a notch, quite similar to the version later recorded in 1997 and released on the album 'The Colour And The Shape'.

The next track recorded was a cover song that had again featured heavily in their live sets during 1995, the Tubeway Army track 'Down In The Park'. The live versions up to this point did have quite a large flaw though, Grohl seemingly didn't bother to learn all of the lyrics and instead repeated the same first verse throughout the song. For this session he obviously went to the trouble of learning it all, matching the original version.

A tape of the session containing all five songs was leaked by an employee of the studio and after being copied and traded eventually found its way around fans and onto the internet. The only track officially released by the band from the session, 'Down In The Park', was contributed to the 'X Files' TV show soundtrack CD 'Songs In The Key Of X' in late 1996.

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Soundboard Audio #1a

X Files: Songs in The Key of X
9 46079-2, 9362-46079-2 4:04 min

Mixed by Barrett Jones

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Soundboard Audio #1b

ANA(x) > DAT
18:51 min

Butterflies' cuts in.

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