Foo Fighters Live

MV3, Maida Vale Studios

Sep 8 2014 • London, United Kingdom

Tracks Recorded

  1. The Feast and The Famine
  2. Something From Nothing
  3. Congregation
  4. Outside
  5. In The Clear

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Band Members

  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl

    Guitar, Vocals

  2. Nate Mendel
    Nate Mendel

    Bass Guitar

  3. Taylor Hawkins
    Taylor Hawkins


  4. Chris Shiflett
    Chris Shiflett


  5. Pat Smear
    Pat Smear


Session Information

As part of a week long appearance in the United Kingdom the band were booked to appear at the Maida Vale studios to record session tracks to be broadcast on Radio 1 at a later date. The band spent most of the day at the studio and were interviewed by several Radio 1 DJs, to be aired alongside the tracks at a later date.

The band ran through most songs from their then recently completed 'Sonic Highways' album, recording new versions of at least five of the tracks.

The tracks were first aired on various shows in November 2014 although not without incident. The line in the track 'Something From Nothing', "Fuck it all I came from nothing" was aired uncensored on the Zane Lowe radio show, prompting Lowe to speak over the track towards the end, apologising for any offence caused. The track was then again re-aired the next day on the morning breakfast show, again completely un-censored. This prompted several complaints, given the time of the broadcast, approximately 8am.

Further tracks were broadcast on both the Jo Whiley show on Radio 2 and Steve Lamaq's show on 6 Music. 'Something From Nothing' was repeated on both broadcasts, this time with the obscenity edited out.

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Available Sources

Soundboard Audio #1a

FM > WAV [44.1khz/16-Bit]
13:21 min

First broadcast on the Zane Lowe show, November 5th 2014. 'Something From Nothing' includes the line 'Fuck It All, I came from nothing' uncensored however Lowe interrupts the song to apologise for the bad language.

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Soundboard Audio #1b

FM > WAV [44.1khz/16-Bit]
10:08 min

Second broadcast on the Jo Whiley Show, November 6th 2014. 'Something From Nothing' has the line 'Fuck It All, I came from nothing' censored.

Featured Tracks

Soundboard Audio #1c

Master > AAC [128kbps]
27:51 min

Third broadcast on the Steve Lamacq show, November 10th 2014. 'Something From Nothing' has the line 'Fuck It All, I came from nothing' censored.

Featured Tracks

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