Foo Fighters Live

Laundry Room Studio (Dave Grohl)

Nov 8 1992 • Seattle, WA, United States

Tracks Recorded

  1. Pretty Girl
  2. Podunk
  3. Make A Bet
  4. I Don't Want Your
  5. How I Miss You
  6. Watered It Down
  7. Slackers Password

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Band Members

  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl

    Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals

Session Information

The existence of this recording session was made known during the Seattle episode of the 2014 HBO Television series ‘Sonic Highways’. As part of production for the show Dave visited his old friend Barrett Jones at the current incarnation of his famous Laundry Room Studios. The pair spent some time going through old reels of recordings the pair had made together in the late eighties and early to mid 1990s.

One of the reels they listened to was dated November 8th 1992 and featured seven tracks. The first had the title ‘Pretty Girl’ and despite the final date of the reel this unknown song is likely to at least have been partially recorded prior to April 1992.

This is because the next five songs on the reel are the five tracks recorded during the ‘Allister Lobb’ session in April 1992, as instrumentals. It is therefore extremely likely that this reel was first used to record ‘Pretty Girl’, followed by the Allister Lobb session and then finally it was used again during this November 1992 session, with Dave adding vocals to the Allister Lobb songs and then recording one further, new track.

Of the five Allister Lobb tracks at least three of them had vocals added on this day. ‘How I Miss You’, with the added vocals, was released by Foo Fighters as a B-Side to their ‘I’ll Stick Around’ single.

Lyrics were also added to the sixth track on the reel, giving it the title ‘Watered It Down’. Dave sang most of the lyrics with a serious tone but towards the end of the song he changed the delivery to imitate the style of B-52s singer Fred Schneider, something he would do on a few other occasions, such as during a comedy spoken word version of ‘Wattershed’ on a radio show in 1996.

The final track on the reel was titled ‘Slackers Password’, with both the instrumentation and vocals recorded during this session. Jones originally labelled the song on the reel box as ‘Wasting Time’ but in July 2017 he posted a video to YouTube featuring a large portion of the song and in the comments noted how that title came about. “I think what happened was that I wrote "Wasting Time" on the actual 1/2' inch reel of tape when we recorded the song (just going by the chorus), but I just recently found the lyrics and the song was titled ‘Slackers Password’”.

No songs from this session have ever been released in full, only the open-mic clips heard in the outtakes for the Sonic Highways documentary circulate.

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Soundboard Audio #1

Sonic Highways (Blu-Ray)
2:00 min

Open mic clips of the two songs

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