Foo Fighters Live

RK-1 Recording Studio (Dain Bramage)

Jul 20 - 24 1986 • Crofton, MD, United States

Tracks Recorded

  1. The Log
  2. I Scream Not Coming Down
  3. Eyes Open
  4. Swear
  5. Drag Queen
  6. Flannery
  7. Stubble
  8. Flicker
  9. Give It Up
  10. Home Sweet Nowhere

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Band Members

  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl


  2. Dave Smith
    Dave Smith

    Bass Guitar

  3. Reuben Radding
    Reuben Radding

    Guitar, Vocals


Engineer: E.L. Copeland
Dan Kozak: Producer
Reuben Radding: Producer

Session Information

Dain Bramage played several live shows in 1986 including one at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. and after sound check for the show Dave Grohl was approached by Corrosion Of Conformity drummer Reed Mullin, impressed with their music. "You guys are kind of good. You wanna put out a record?" he asked. The band were quick to say yes and Mullin hooked them up with a friend of his that ran an independent record label, Fartblossom Enterprizes, to help them put out a record.

The band were on cloud nine and "Flattered beyond belief" they went into RK-1 Recording Studios in Crofton, Maryland to record their first (and only) LP. Radding convinced the band to use a 'real' studio after having had a falling out with their usual go-to producer Barrett Jones and his home studio.

Speaking to unofficial Dave Grohl biographer Paul Brannigan in 2011 Radding explained that this wasn't the best decision they ever made as firstly the 'real' studio turned out to be nothing more than a soundproofed garage but with no other options the band decided to go ahead with using it.

On the first day of recording more problems arose, firstly the local police turning up having received a noise complaint which was followed shortly afterwards by a storm that knocked the power out. "The power went out in the whole neighbourhood" Radding told Brannigan. "We took a "break" that went on for hours, all of us sitting on the screened back porch watching and listening to the storm and then finally giving up and packing up a lot of our gear by flashlight. The next day's dubbing/mixing session turned into an all-nighter. Little things seemed to take forever to accomplish" he added.

Brannigan also spoke to engineer E.L. Copeland in 2010 regarding the session. "It was probably the worst first weekend of recording I've ever had in my life. But the band were extremely organised and we quickly caught up. There wasn't a lot of fiddling around or double-takes, it was just boom! We blazed through the songs and it was over. All the guys in that band were really energetic, but Grohl was something special. I thought it was really weird to see somebody beat the living piss out of a drum kit, I'd never seen that kind of playing before. We had a blast, it was a good time" he told the biographer.

Ten tracks were recorded in total over four days with producer Dan Kozak who also helped the band with the writing process on the title track, 'I Scream Not Coming Down'. Copeland mixed the tracks in a day and the album was released by Fartblossom Enterprizes on February 28th 1987, pressed on 12" Black Vinyl and sold for the low price of $6.

In 2010 Grohl attended a 30th Anniversary event at the 9:30 club and recalled the show there which gave he and Dain Bramage the opportunity to record their first proper album. "He [Reed Mullin] hooked us up with a guy who had a record label called Fart Blossom and I made my first album. So thank you very much 9:30 club!" he told the crowd.

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Soundboard Audio #1

I Scream Not Coming Down (12" Vinyl)
FBE-014 min

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