Foo Fighters Live

Laundry Room Studio (Dain Bramage)

May 1986 • Arlington, VA, United States

Tracks Recorded

  1. Flannery
  2. Give It Up
  3. The Log
  4. Eyes Open
  5. Home Sweet Nowhere
  6. We're An American Band
  7. …And There's A…
  8. Success
  9. Baltimore Sucks (But Booje Needs The Bucks)

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Band Members

  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl


  2. Dave Smith
    Dave Smith

    Bass Guitar

  3. Reuben Radding
    Reuben Radding

    Guitar, Vocals


Tascam 34 ¼ Inch 4-Track Reel-to-reel tape machine • Peavey 12-channel Mixing Console


Recording & Engineer: Barrett Jones

Session Information

Dain Bramage made another visit to Barrett Jones' Laundry Room Studio circa May 1986 to record a second set of demo's. Nine tracks were recorded in total at this second session and whilst some tapes were spread and circulated at the time no complete copies are known to exist and circulate today. The ¼ Inch Master reels of the session are in the possession of Dave Smith.

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