Foo Fighters Live

Southern Ground Recording (Zac Brown Band)

June 2013 • Nashville, TN, United States

Tracks Recorded

  1. All Alright
  2. Let It Rain
  3. The Muse
  4. Day For The Dead

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  1. Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl

    Drums on ‘Let It Rain’

  2. Zac Brown
    Zac Brown

    Lead Vocals, Guitar

  3. Jimmy De Martini
    Jimmy De Martini

    Fiddle, backing vocals

  4. John Driskell Hopkins
    John Driskell Hopkins

    Guitar, Backing Vocals

  5. Clay Cook
    Clay Cook

    Hammond organ, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Guitar

  6. Chris Fryar
    Chris Fryar

    Drums on ‘All Alright’, ‘The Muse’, ‘Day for the Dead’

  7. Daniel De Los Reyes
    Daniel De Los Reyes


  8. Coy Bowles
    Coy Bowles

    Slide Guitar, Hammond Organ

  9. Oteil Burbridge
    Oteil Burbridge

    Bass Guitar

  10. A.J. Ghent
    A.J. Ghent

    Guitar on ‘All Alright’

Session Information

Zac Brown first invited Dave Grohl to his studio not long after first meeting, the Foo Fighters frontman heading in practically blind. As well as producing four new songs in the summer of 2013 he also participated, playing drums on the track ‘Let It Rain’ which was included on the aptly named ‘The Grohl Sessions, Vol. 1’ released in December 2013.

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Soundboard Audio #1

Official CD [Zac Brown Band - The Grohl Sessions Vol. 1]
SGA022 17:28 min

Mixed by Mike Fraser

Featured Tracks

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  1. All Alright
  2. Let It Rain
  3. The Muse
  4. Day For The Dead