Recording History

Recording History

Recording History

The Foo Fighters Live Recording History is a comprehensive guide to every single known recording session in the history of the band and Dave Grohl. As well as all of the Foo Fighters session it also includes those done by Grohl in early bands such as Mission Impossible, Dain Bramage and Scream as well as solo material recorded during his time in Nirvana. These sessions can be identified by having the relevant band name in parentheses.

Each recording session is detailed at length after extensive research including personal correspondence with key figures such as band members, producers and engineers as well as hours of researching interviews in print, online and in video. If recordings exist from the session these are all listed in detail. Unlike many other similar documents online all key pieces of information are referenced to a reliable source. Nothing listed in a factual manner is based on hunches, guesswork or theories and where there is content of that nature it's clearly noted as such.

Reading And Understanding The Guide

Each session has its own entry in the guide, accessed by clicking the relevant link from the main list. In each listing you will find the known tracks recorded listed on the left. If a track was recorded more than once as is common in studio sessions then they will be denoted with a take number in brackets. These take numbers will be reflected in the recordings listed.

On the right hand side of the page are the details of the session. First of all the basic information on the artist or band that took part in the session, the members of the band if applicable and their role in the session. Also if applicable any 'guest' musicians will be listed, again noting their role. The second box features the recording credits for the session, who produced, engineered and recorded the session.

The third box, if applicable, shows the recordings available for that session. Each recording is displayed by a source numbering system, split by mix and designated by the recording type. For more information on the system please view this post in our forum. The recordings are all hidden by default and can be viewed individually by clicking the respective button, hidden again by clicking a second time.

The final section at the bottom of each page contains all of the known information about the session. Naturally some sessions are described in more detail than others as more or less information is available or there is simply more to talk about for certain sessions.

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14th May 2015