Live Guide

Live Guide

The Foo Fighters Live Guide is a comprehensive guide to every single concert the Foo Fighters have played from the very first one in 1995 to the present day. There is an individual entry for each performance which includes lots of information including the setlist, any recordings that are known to exist and circulate, any notes about the show and other performers.

We are also building an archive of as many photographs from shows as possible, both professional and fan photos. If photos or memrobilia is available for a show they'll be displayed automatically on the page. You can also add photos yourself simply by tagging them on your account. See here for more details.

Reading And Understanding The Guide

The guide is easy to navigate and the entry of each show is easy to understand. At the top of each entry is the date and details of the location for the performance. Just below that on the left is the setlist for the show, if it is known. Each song in the setlist can be clicked on, taking you to a detailed stats page for that song. More details on this to the right.

On the right hand side of the page first of all any photos for the performance are displayed. Secondly any notes are displayed followed by a list of any other performers at the event, in alphabetical order.

Finally if there are are any recordings of the performance they will be detailed in a table at the end of the entry. For each recording the source name and number will be listed first followed by the equipment used to recording the source, it's length and finally the sound quality. To find out more information about the various acronyms used in the recordings section please see this thread in our forum.

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