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Trying to find an interview about 'Best Of You'

Kev CravenKev Craven Member
edited July 2015 in General Discussion
Can anyone remember Dave speaking about Best Of You and saying that some executive came into the studio and had heard early demos and said 'Hey what about that 'the best the best' song?" - They were (rightly so) going to shelve it I think until then?


  • Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
    edited July 2015
    I think he mentioned that in a few interviews, but this is the one I sourced:
    This was your big comeback single last year.

    "'Best Of You' is funny because we demoed so many songs for 'In Your Honor', I'd kind of forgotten about 'Best Of You'. I thought we could do better. So it was shelved and it was our manager who came in and said, 'What happened to that 'Best Of You' song?'. So we pulled it out and worked on it a little more. A lot of the songs just start with riffs and melodies and the lyrics come last, but the lyrics came pretty quickly on this one."

    What's it about?

    "I'd just come off the John Kerry campaign trail (the Presidential candidate defeated by George Bush in 2004), where I was playing acoustically at his rallies, so I started writing all these songs about breaking away from the things that confine you. Most people think it's a love song but it's meant to be more universal, which I think is one of the reasons so many people sing along when we play it.

    "That's another song that I was like, 'Yeah, that's all right I guess', but it has a rhythm that we'd never really used on any of the other albums and that's the kind of thing that breaks up records for me, the sequence of an album."
  • Kev CravenKev Craven Member
    edited July 2015
    sweet, thanks Simon!