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Download a complete recording of the December 6th Irving Plaza NYC show here

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Download a complete recording of the December 6th Irving Plaza NYC show here As previously reported the bands final ‘Sonic Highways’ promotional show in New York City on December 5th was recorded and broadcast by the SiriusXM satellite network. The show was initially broadcast live on the evening of the show on their AltNation channel and although recordings were made by fans the results were less than desirable, the broadcast featuring a very dry, mono mix. Thankfully several re-broadcasts were scheduled with the station promising to clean up the sound for these replay airings.
The first re-broadcasts were on the same AltNation channel and whilst there were improvements to the sound there were still problems, with the broadcasts moving in and out of stereo sound. Finally there were replays scheduled on the Howard Stern 101 channel and the sound quality was again improved on these broadcasts, in clear stereo throughout. Two of these broadcasts were recorded by fans and whilst the first unfortunately featured digital errors the second was clean and we can now provide you with a download of this broadcast below.
01. intro
02. Outside
03. The Pretender
04. Learn To Fly
05. White Limo
06. Arlandria
07. Rope
08. My Hero
09. Hey, Johnny Park!
10. Monkey Wrench
11. Congregation
12. Walk
13. Cold Day In The Sun
14. I’ll Stick Around
15. In The Clear
16. Big Me
17. Something From Nothing
18. Times Like These
19. These Days
20. Miss You
21. Breakdown
22. Under Pressure
23. All My Life
24. This Is A Call
25. I Am A River
26. Best Of You
27. Everlong
The download is 954MB in size and features the entire show in FLAC format, tracked to individual songs. This, for now, is the ultimate version of this show. Many thanks to Grail72 from the Foo Fighters Postboard and Chad from our forums for recording these broadcasts, it is Chad’s recording of the final broadcast available above.
(Photo by DistortionPix)


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    Is there a mirror for this? I'm unable to download this from Chrome or Firefox, it gets to 99% and says decryption error..

    Dying to get this! Thanks for the effort!