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The Passport - What on Earth Is That About?

Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
edited November 2016 in General Discussion
On November 5, eagle-eyed Foo Fighters fans noticed a change – the band’s official URL no longer redirected to the band’s Tumblr, but to The social media accounts followed suit with a mysterious satellite map and a certain area lit up in red. Fans quickly worked out that this is a satellite image of Europe by night. The boys are planning a little trip.

Not so little, as it turns out – every few days since then, they have teased us by lighting up more regions on the map and by adding one stamp to their interactive FlipSnack passport after another.


The band’s last visit to the region was in 2015 for the Sonic Highways tour, but several dates were cancelled due to Dave’s leg break in Gothenburg, Sweden, and the terrorist attacks on Paris on November 15 (during which they were playing in Bologna). The Saint Cecilia EP was released shortly afterwards, paying tribute to those who had been impacted by the massacre. These events left seven European countries itching for Foo Fighters to return soon, and it looks like the band has begun to answer the call.

At the time of writing, the band’s dates have them hitting the Euro festival circuit in mid-2017. The list of confirmed shows so far:
  • June 29: Open