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What do you think of the current Foo Fighters live show?

Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
edited October 2015 in General Discussion
Thought I'd pose this question although we're of course nearing the end of the current tour. I'd like to know what you make of the current live Foo Fighters show in 2015. To be clear this is including shows both after AND before the accident in Sweden. Obviously every show since then has been greatly affected by Dave not being mobile but what do you make of the shows overall?

Are you as excited to go to a show, if you are/were going to one? Do you like the current setlist? Are they playing enough of the current album in your opinion? Do you like the covers that have crept into the set more and more? Do you miss a specific element of older live tours/shows, or just the general atmosphere?

Post your thoughts. :)


  • CrashSG32CrashSG32 A River
    edited October 2015
    I was stoked when they did Stay With Me and Let There Be Rock at the show I went to (8th of March) but the setlist felt fairly bland otherwise. Nothing wrong with the best, but the only Foo song they did that didn't feel like a staple/greatest hit was Arlandria (I would have loved for some White Limo, DOA or Up In Arms instead, just to name a few they've done live this tour).

    I would have gone nuts for something off ESP&G, as the only song played from it was The Pretender. They were apparently going to play Generator too but there was a curfew so the show had to be shortened :(

    They played SFN + Congregation + Outside which I think is an adequate amount from the new album. Some of the other songs would have been lacking without instruments (ITC, River, maybe even WDID)

    But they put on a great show, Dave's ramblings were as entertaining as ever, especially considering Dave was sick. Again, nothing wrong with the best!
  • Kevin SabresKevin Sabres Collaborator & Super Moderator
    edited October 2015
    well i went to the clarkston, MI show at DTE. it was meh i guess to me. just getting too big i guess, that atmosphere kinda ruins it for me. getting a little too "gimicky"? I was kind of more interested and enjoying Royal Blood. I hate hate the covers, just eats up space where there stuff can be played, they have so many songs its hard to pick and choose then you get even fewer of thier songs because of the covers. Since we were in MI they played Kiss' Detroit Rock City that was kind of cool, they played the first 30 or 45 seconds because they were just jamming then restarted and played it completely. After a friend asked did they play your favorite song? no... what song? Aurora...And most of all it was frustrating the next damn night they played Aurora...
  • edited October 2015
    I honestly went to support the band and fulfill a promise I made not to let a show go by without trying to attend. But the show was boring. It's all just the hits, and the hits really weren't all that exciting in their hey-day.

    I wish they'd dump Learn to Fly, Breakout, My Hero, Best of You and Times Like These for other songs, possibly b-sides. I know that sounds ludicrous, but holy fuck man, those songs fucking suck. There is so much exciting material from Wasting Light and In Your Honor that even semi-recent material could fill those spots better.

    I don't consider myself a Foo elitist who only likes the first 2-3 albums, but there are many songs worth bringing back: Wind Up, New Way Home, Headwires, Oh George, Good Grief, I'll Stick Around, X-Static, Enough Space, February Stars, Next Year, Ain't It the Life, The Colour and the Shape, Down in the Park, Baker Street... hell even Rope didn't make it onto many of the recent sets

    The show was.... good, not great