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August 11, 2000 Molson Park Summersault Festival Barrie, ON AUD

Kevin SabresKevin Sabres Collaborator & Super Moderator
edited December 2008 in Downloads
Foo Fighters
Molson Park
Summersault Festival
Barrie, ON


Learn To Fly
My Hero
For All The Cows
This Is A Call
Big Me
Stacked Actors
Next Year
Monkey Wrench

DO NOOOOOT Convert to MP3!!!!! Never sell this show!!!!!!!!!!


  • Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
    edited December 2008
    As with the other one, is it possible to track back to the master?

    EDIT: Scratch that, i just checked on db.etree and see who the taper is, but how did you come by it? I guess he traded this one out back in the day.
  • Hi all,

    This is my first post on this board (sorry if in the wrong place/format!) but it's to make a special request for someone to share somehow or reseed this recording. This was the first time my partner ever saw the band and I want to surprise her on our anniversary by playing it through!

    Super, super grateful if it's possible, and I understand totally if not.


  • i may have the master DAT for this show (acquired) but would have to check when i go back to my parents place.

  • That would be awesome, thanks so much for your reply. Cheers.