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Information and scans needed of the following:

Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
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I'll start working on the discography again soon, and so i want to get all the information and scans of the following items. If you have any of them, please provide the details in the format shown in other threads, along with scans of the whole item if possible.

You don't need to create a new thread for each one as that would take a long time, but you can if you wish, otherwise just post in this thread. There is no rush, i'm just posting this so i can get all that info ready for when i need it.

I was going to post a big list of everything i need, but i thought it would be easier to just post the list that i have, and therefore if you have anything not on my list, i'll need the info and scans for it.

So, this is my list:!stuff/OfficialReleasescollection.htm

Anything you have not on that list, please post it. Reminder to post details like this:

Release date: If known
Format: CD / Tape / 7" / 12" / 10" etc
Label: obvious
Catalog Number: obvious
Availability/source: Where the item was pressed/released.
Story: If you know anything about the release, like amount of copies etc

Obvious, upload wherever you want and provide a link.

NOTE: For the artwork don't bother uploading high-res versions, 600x600 is sufficient for the front covers, and around that size for the rest.