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On The Mend - Supporting Cancer Research with music by the Foo Fighters

By Simon Kilmore

72 artists feature on this special collection of Foo Fighters covers, all in support of Cancer Research.

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On The Mend: Songs Against Cancer is the latest in a long line of albums featuring new interpretations of some of Foo Fighters best known songs, as well as some lesser known tracks, played by a variety of artists. What makes this one a little different from the rest is that it was envisioned and created as a way to help the ongoing battle against cancer. The creator of the album, Mats Johansson, has been personally affected by the disease and decided he wanted to do a small part to help fight it.

Jeanette, my wife, has just finished her treatment for breast cancer – for the second time. Moreover, my father, grandfather and grandmother all died of cancer – different types, and strangely no “hereditary” types of cancer. I felt that like I had to do something, so I started this project – On The Mend.

‘On The Mend’ features 26 tracks, 21 Foo Fighters covers and 5 original tracks. A total of 72 artists are featured on the recordings, the full tracklisting and credits are as follows:

  1. Tired of You – Ida Boija
  2. But Honestly – Trashpearl
  3. Times Like These – Queenfish & Other Tales
  4. Something From Nothing – Mates of Mine
  5. Walking After You – Carolina Miskovsky Granberg
  6. I Am a River – Tap n’ P
  7. Another Round – Camilla Nordgren
  8. My Hero – Henrik Baer & Anders Mattsson
  9. Wheels – Halm
  10. Long Road To Ruin – Slow Fox
  11. Stranger Things Have Happened – Patrik Vannerberg
  12. Resolve – On The Mend Band
  13. From Can To Can’t – Jeanette & Stråk-kvartetten
  14. All My Life – Three Minute Madness
  15. Everlong – Betøng
  16. Home – Åsa Mjörndal & Rikard Frohm
  17. Gimme Stiches – Fuse
  18. Monkey Wrench – Big Red Machine
  19. Rope – Reloaded
  20. These Days – Over and Out
  21. Best of You – Johanna Lüddeckens & Mikael Lüddeckens Persson
  22. Dylans Tune – Jonas Strandgård (Original Track)
  23. My Choice – Binary Creed (Original Track)
  24. Blå Kalsonger – Vi heter JA! (Original Track)
  25. Jag Har Fallit – Sten Sax Påse (Original Track)
  26. In the Night – Kaj Backman & Corrado Rossi (Original Track)

As you can see there is a wide range of tracks from the popular hits like ‘Everlong’, ‘All My Life’ and ‘Monkey Wrench’ but also featured are some lesser known album tracks such as ‘Gimme Stitches’, ‘But,Honestly’ and ‘Another Round’ as well as the Sound City track ‘From Can To Can’t’, which can be previewed below.

The album can be purchased on CD directly from the website store (Swedish Language Only) or alternatively a digital download version can be purchased from iTunes. All profits from the sales go directly to help fight cancer, including projects that make living with cancer easier for families affected by the disease.

For more details on the project, check out the website, available in both Swedish and English language. Also for those on Facebook the project has a page here.