Foo Fighters Live

Foo Fighters at Firefly Festival 2014, download video of the show here

By Simon Kilmore

Grab this High Definition fan shot video covering most of the set including the encore covers performed as 'The Holy Shits'.

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photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty

If you’re a regular scourer of YouTube for Foo Fighters videos you’ve likely already seen this great collection of videos shot at the bands Firefly Festival appearance in June. Jim Powers shared the videos soon after, all shot from very close to the front barrier, to the left hand side. The video mainly focus on Dave and Taylor is unfortunately completely out of shot but the video quality itself is very good, in clear HD with similarly good sound. Check out a preview with the first video below.

We made attempts to contact Jim in an effort to be able to get a more direct version of his recording without YouTube compression but unfortunately this was not successful. So what we present to you with today is simply all of Jim’s videos downloaded and merged into one MKV file with chapter points for each song. All credit of course remains with Jim.

You can download the file right here.

Jim, if you’re reading and want to get your excellent recording shared in a better quality format, please get in touch!