About this website

The aim of this website is to document the live history of Foo Fighters including a complete guide to every single live show ever performed with information on setlists, recordings and photos from the shows. Other sections on the website include a Video Guide, detailing all official and unofficial DVDs available to collectors and a guide to the complete recording history of the band, including detailed information about studio sessions and others.

FooFightersLive.com initially launched in February 2006 with the aim of becoming the number one resource for information and resources on the band's live history and much more. Most of the founding members (see below) came from LiveNirvana.com which when established in 2002 had the same goals for the seminal grunge band Nirvana. That website became extremely popular so it was only natural that Foo Fighters fans from that community launched a website to do the same for the band.

Since launching in 2006 the website has developed greatly picking up where older Foo Fighters live guides left off and creating as in depth and factually accurate guide as possible. To start with we had a simple website and a Wiki for the live guide but over time we moved to a purpose built website with integrated live guide. Now in 2014 a new chapter has started with a brand new design and a brand new approach to the live guide. Everything is stored on a database which makes updating easier and also brings with it new features such as statistics.


The website is currently administered by Simon Kilmore who developed the latest version of the website and wrote much of it. All of the work on the database driven live guide is down to Sam Smith but there are other members of staff both current and past who make this website what it is including founder and original owner Pierre Leroy. Some have now moved on from the website but their work will always be appreciated.

Full list of staff/collaborators:

  • Simon Kilmore (Webmaster, Founder & current owner)
  • Sam Smith (Live Guide database creator & Administrator)
  • Stuart Cass (Founder & Administrator)
  • Hugo Berthier (Maintainer of the Recording History)
  • Brad Collins (Collaborator & Moderator)
  • Miki Johansen (Collaborator & Moderator)
  • Kevin Sabres (Collaborator & Moderator)
  • Pierre Leroy (Founder & original owner)
  • Bart Sleddens (Founder Member)
  • Andreas Meuhe (Designer & developer of design used from 2007 - 2013)

All of the current staff members can usually be contacted personally via the forums but if you just wish to reach the site in general please use our contact form here.

Donations And Funding

FooFightersLive.com is run entirely by fans of the band, for other fans of the band to enjoy. We don't (and won't ever) run advertisements on the website. As such there is no direct funding or income for the website, it's paid for by us. However you could help us out greatly with a donation.

The hosting costs of the website are not very high but any help you can provide via a paypal donation, however big or small would be greatly appreciated.

There is no absolutely pressure to dontate anything to the website and this is not a subscription of any sort, simply a one-off donation request. We will never restrict areas of the website or content from those that don't donate and likewise being a donor does not grant you any extra access or content. It is merely a way to help the site out, if you so wish. Without your donations the site will not dissapear but the more you guys can help, the better the hosting package we can afford and with that comes more content for you in the future.

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We want to thank everyone that has contributed to the success of this website be it new information, corrections to our current information or a donation to help us keep running. We appreciate each and every one of you:

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